Topicmarks is a web service that creates smart, interactive synopses from electronic documents in minutes.

Topicmarks extracts text from the .pdf, .doc, .html and .txt documents that you upload, copy/paste, email in or enter the URL and makes a summary of it for you.

Topicmarks works by cutting up the full text into sentences, attaching meaning like synonyms and antonyms to each word in the sentence, and then by identifying triplets (typically between subject, verb and object) that are the basic facts expressed in the text.

Upload multiple texts and Topicmarks becomes your knowledge base: finding links between texts, grouping texts around topics, and containing all the facts from all documents you ever read.

You can get a text into Topicmarks in four ways:

* Uploading a file from your hard drive
* Copy-pasting text directly from an open document into Topicmarks
* Letting Topicmarks download a document from a URL you give it
* Sending a file to Topicmarks by email