Doba, a giant in drop ship product sourcing for online retailers and small businesses, has announced the release of a new application for Facebook.

The application, called My Deals, allows Facebook account holders to place a virtual store containing products sourced through Doba into their Facebook account.

My Deals (for Pages) is a Facebook application designed to give you the ability to open an online storefront using the Facebook pages feature.

The My Deals application gives online retailers the ability to open a storefront directly inside of Facebook, and can be placed within any type of Facebook account including personal and fan pages.

Doba members using the application can select from more than one million products that are available in the Doba catalog and have them automatically populated directly into their My Deals storefront on Facebook.

The application incorporates the Doba Watch List technology to manage and track the products the user is interested in selling.

The user can then seamlessly ‘push’ the chosen products contained in the Watch List into their My Deals storefront using Doba’s Push to Marketplace tool.


  1. Doba is a good drop shipping company. I also like They provide a huge list of drops shipping companies and etc.. Just thought I would share ;)

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