my6sense is an artificial intelligence technology that learns what is most important to you based on your consumption habits, serving you as a digital sense.

Give it your Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz accounts, along with any RSS feeds that you follow, and over time you’ll discover that My6Sense really is starting to learn about the kinds content you’re most interested in.

There is nothing you need to do other than simply use the service like you would any other reader/aggregator.

How do you build your ‘Digital Intuition’?

Use my6sense the same way you’d use any other RSS reader or personal portal. Open messages you find interesting, skip over the ones you don’t like. Share messages on social networks, send via email.

Scroll. Consume. Share. The more you interact with the system, the smarter it gets and the faster we can build your Digital Intuition. So you can get the content that’s most relevant to you.

Available on the appstore

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