Erik Hersman, director of operations at Ushahidi, today announced the launch of a network of startup incubators and tech communities throughout Africa.

On March 3rd 2010, founders from several established African tech incubators and open collaboration spaces @HiveColab @iHub @NaiLab @Bantalabs and @ActivSpaces came together for the iHub launch in Nairobi.

The meeting hosted by NaiLab (an iHub neighbor) made clear that each of the labs shares in a common vision to promote technology as a platform for entrepreneurship on the continent.

As a network organization, AfriLabs seeks to build on this common vision and further promote the growth and development of the African technology sector.

“The association is for linking the spaces for learning, growth, and to provide greater mass for the entrepreneurs that we work with,” says Hersman in an interview granted to fastcompany.

AfriLabs sets out with the following objectives:

1. Discover synergies between the labs
2. Share best practices and help new organizations emerge
3. Enhance visibility of the network and her actors, share success stories
4. Organize networking events and facilitate other exchanges, both online and offline
5. Secure resources for the network by establishing a revolving fund
6. Generally promote developments in this space and explore other common interests.

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