FreshBooks, an industry giant in online invoicing, unveiled the official FreshBooks Add-on Store today. The new Add-on Store will give FreshBooks’ 2 million+ users an easy way to find and purchase partner integrations.

For FreshBooks software partners, the new Add-on Store provides a powerful gateway to directly reach the FreshBooks customer base.

Through the program, developers can charge users a monthly fee, which is tacked on to what subscribers are already paying FreshBooks.

The FreshBooks Add-on Store has an app store model.

As Sunir Shah, Head of Platform at FreshBooks explained. “This new model allows our partners to sell solutions our customers are demanding. Promoting Add-ons inside FreshBooks and making it simple for customers to buy them will dramatically expand sales for our partners and help us better service our customers who we are fanatical about.”

The FreshBooks Add-on Store supports both free Add-ons as well as monthly subscriptions. Licenses can be purchased for individual users and group accounts.

FreshBooks bills customers on behalf of the partners, taking a 30% commission on the sale. The remainder goes directly to the software partner.