Seedcamp has announced that three new startups will be joining its mentoring and events programme.

Seedcamp is an early-stage micro seed investment and mentoring programme. We make our investment decisions several times throughout the year based on the winners of our events.

# GrabCAD from Tallinn, Estonia – is an online marketplace designed to connect computer aided design (CAD) engineers with businesses that need them.

# Psykosoft from Tours, France – Producer of Psykopaint, a browser-based tool designed to easily express your artistic side. Users can select an existing photograph and edit it with colour sampling technology that results in something more akin to a painting than a photo.

# from Ljubljana, Slovenia – a browser-based VoIP solution. With no download required, the service allows users to make free web-based calls as well as connecting to real phone numbers throughout the world.

The selected winners will meet and network with the elite of the US tech scene in all the biggest hubs (New York, Boston, Silicon Valley, San Francisco) andwill also be attending the SXSW conference.