Spins.FM has launched a public beta of its service that makes it possible for music fans to request song play through a radio station via popular social sites like Facebook and Twitter.

How it works

# Visit the Spins.FM site
# search for the song you want
# choose your location from a map
# The service will find a list of local stations.
# Choose a station, and either post a request to that station’s Twitter or Facebook Wall — all from within Spins.FM.

Artists can sign onto the service for free — features like custom design and metrics come with a fee. Request pages can also be embedded on websites and featured as a tab on Facebook.

The founder David Baker has said the site will help radio stations by eliminating busy phone lines from the request process whilst increasing their following on twitter and facebook.


  1. This is a great idea for artists and their fans as well….any musician that doesn't use it is out of their mind as there is no downside, but it will definately help boost plays on the radio for them! I will enjoy using it while chatting with my friends on facebook!
    allison in Madison

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