Time’s collection of top sites for 2010 – “50 Best Websites 2010”. features top of the web in Music & Video, Sports, Family & Kids, News & Info, Financial & Productivity, Shopping & Travel, Health & Fitness, Social Media, Games and Education.

The following 5 games sites were selected as the top sites in 2010 to check out.

Kongregate has a large collection of online games and, the site’s point system — letting users “level up” and earn achievements for in-game accomplishments as well as interacting with the community around the site — gives incentive to keep returning. Best-rated games are awarded every month.

Cactus Squid is the online repository for the games of Jonatan Soderstrom, creator of a series of free arcade-style games.

Pogo is the place on the Web to play some of your childhood offline favorites — Scrabble, Monopoly and Risk have all been ported to the Web and are freely available on Pogo. There are cash prizes for frequent players.

Newgrounds is a collection of funny online games. Users can submit their own games to the Newgrounds collection, where the community ranks them and highlights the best ones.

Games.com features a comprehensive collection of online games with something for everyone. The site also features Zynga games.

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