Broadcastr, a location-based audio start-up was voted most attractive company for investment at inaugural Next Big Thing event, presented by The Paley Center for Media.

Broadcastr allows users to record and share audio content on an interactive map, was voted “Most Attractive for Investment” by a select audience of established industry leaders and investors.

GoldRun, Honestly Now, and Interlude also made presentations and the audience members were invited to text in votes for which company they would invest in, if given the opportunity. Broadcastr was voted the most attractive.

The vote added an element of friendly competition to the event, kicking off a new quarterly series showcasing media innovators and disruptors.

Broadcastr co-founder Andy Hunter explained that audio is an intimate and non-intimidating medium for users, and that Broadcastr’s sophisticated map interface and search mechanism lets users curate what they want to hear.