The rapid evolution of the mobile phones is destined to change our lives for good. In the past two years the number of touch phones and remodelled smartphones released onto the market is amazing. What is most revolutionary is the opportunity developers have to build apps for the various platforms. And the market expands with new ideas and products each year. The Android platform is disrupting the market with new opportunities and we are yet to see its full potential.

In recent times, I have thought about apps I would love to be a part of and end up using. These ideas are top on my list. If you know an app similar to any of the ideas on the list, you can share it with readers.

  1. A mobile app that allows users to tell advertisers what products, colour, design etc they prefer ads they receive on smartphones
  2. A mobile app that allows users with specific number of friends on social networks to spread the word about a new startup and get paid for it.
  3. Video comments startup just for blogs. Video version of Disqus.
  4. A mobile app that makes it easy for developers and advertisers of mobile games to find each other for in ad contracts
  5. TechCrunch monthly magazine delivered on th iphone
  6. Advanced iTunes mobile search engine
  7. Facebook and Twitter social search Engine
  8. A platform independent app that allows iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile users to co-create ads with enterprises.
  9. A mobile service that lets users listen to the moods of their friends through the songs they embed in their status updates. It could be a Facebook app.
  10. A twitter mobile app that lets users update their status with particular song lyrics
  11. A mobile app that enables a user to take a picture of car model and retrieve the lowest car prices in his or her neighborhood for that model.
  12. Location based deals search engine
  13. Explore FourSquare API and add more value for foursquare users
  14. Location based Live Music Concert Tracking for the Android
  15. Facebook photos app to better deliver photos in style
  16. Location based music news and concert dates for bands delivered on the Android
  17. Just location-based Lunch/Dinner/Bar Specials – Updated Daily on your iPhone/Android
  18. Somebody add a social networking service to for its users.
  19. Android marketplaces search engine
  20. Groupon clones directory with social network


  1. now i want changeed mobile technology
    i want to introduce new image to use mobile
    e.g we just say name of any person on mobile.
    mobile just read and dial of number and call him

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