Capital Factory is an early stage accelerator program for tech startups that provides a small amount of seed capital and weekly mentoring sessions by entrepreneurs who have founded successful companies.

In 2011 the program runs from May 25th to August 11th. On September 7th, they will host more than 250 investors and entrepreneurs for Demo Day and stream it live over the Internet.

# Each company receives up to $20,000 in cash
# Basic infrastructure that you’re not spending that money on office space or legal fees.
# Access to network of mentors, service providers, and more than $20,000 in free stuff.
# Capital Factory receives a 5% equity stake in your company under founder-friendly terms.

Apply now- Deadline is March 20th

Sparefoot, PetsMD, Famigo Games, RecycleMatch, Hurricane Party and KeepStream havebeen through the program in previous years.