AlphaLab is the startup accelerator created by Innovation Works to help capital-efficient startup companies launch quickly and successfully.

Twice a year up to six companies in the software, web, mobile, entertainment technology, or hardware space are selected to participate in an intensive 20-week program.

Companies receive $25,000 from Innovation Works in exchange for 5% common stock in their company.

Current companies in the Accelerator program include:

Delirium is building Redress, a way to synchronize, share, and back-up your contact and address book information across multiple services, computers, and mobile devices.

GenevaMars is creating interactive experiences for the iPad and other touch-computing devices that are aimed at accelerating a child’s educational and developmental progress.

RhoMania- is building a decision-making platform Grail™, RhoMania seeks to give wine proprietors everywhere the opportunity to get the right wine in front of the right consumers exactly when and where the purchase decisions are being made.

Tutor Technologies delivers intelligent tutoring systems for computing education, bringing one-on-one instruction in 21st Century skills to everyone.

Wawadoo is building a recommendation engine for events to help users answer the age-old question, “What do YOU want to do?”