Jibe Mobile, a real-time communications platform provider, today was named the best Rich Communication Suite (RCS) Mobile client in GSMA’s RCS Dev Challenge announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The Jibe 2.0 Address Book enables users to connect, share and manage their communication while enabling innovative features such as two-way video, file sharing and messaging.

Jibe’s 2.0 Address Book runs on the Jibe App to App communications platform. The Jibe App to App™ Platform provides flexible and scalable solution to deliver next-generation RCS-e smart communications services for mobile operators worldwide.

With the Jibe App to App Platform, mobile network operators can enable developers to create richer mobile applications and allow consumers to enjoy an open and seamless communications experience.

“This is a very exciting vision for the future of communications, and we are delighted to have been given this award,” said Amir Sarhangi, chief executive officer of Jibe Mobile.

“Together with the GSMA and our customers, we’re committed to delivering truly unique and personalized services that will reinvent the mobile communications experience.”

Jibe’s applications include smart address book, rich instant messaging, media sharing, video calling, file sharing and gaming.