Social Evaluation is the concept by which the collective opinions, ideas, and arguments of a given group are combined into a comprehensive and analytical result for any given subject, providing a validated group assessment.

ProConIt launched a social evaluation website on Wednesday to redefine how people evaluate and seek answers to any given topic or question.

ProConIt is a social media website helping users evaluate any subject in a better way. It can be used for issues, decisions, products, thoughts, ideas – anything. By laying out arguments in a logical manner and incorporating crowdsourced suggestions and weights, ProConIt provides an innovative way to analyze input, called “Procons.” Procons are embeddable on any website, for use with media, politics, blogs, entertainment, product reviews, etc.

ProConIt co-founder and CTO Matt Hills, said in a statement to mark the launch that “Anyone who has browsed through a comment thread on the web knows there is no definitive end or easy way to extract relevant data. ProConIt changes that by providing a true social result, which we call Social Evaluation.”

How Procon works?
#It starts with a format Based on the classic pro/con table advocated by the likes of Benjamin Franklin and Plato, and re-vamp it for today’s social web.
# The subject of a Procon is framed in a way that allows other users to efficiently suggest and validate arguments either ‘for’ or ‘against’ that subject.
# Users participate in a Procon by suggesting and individually weighing arguments on a 1-5 scale, as well as voting against invalid arguments.
#As more people participate, the arguments and weights become crowdsourced and an indicator needle points towards the socially evaluated result.