Slideshare offers users the ability to upload and share publicly or privately PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and Adobe PDF Portfolios. Slideshare is hoping to lure its users to spend more time and money on its site by launching a web conferencing tool, Zipcast that will compete with WebEx and GoToMeeting from Citrix Systems.

Zipcast is a simple, fast and social web conferencing system, where the experience is entirely browser-based.


# No downloads for anyone
# Works on any modern browser. Mac users – you will not have your typical struggle with web meeting software.
# Everyone gets a personalized meeting room – if you have a SlideShare login, you already have one at Or you can sign up for your free meeting room here .
# Zipcast meetings are interactive and social and take place entirely within a browser window.
# You can see the video (and hear audio) of the presenter who is also driving the slides. Everyone can chat.
# Every public presentation on SlideShare now has a Zipcast button – meaning you can start a quick meeting with any presentation on SlideShare. You don’t need to upload to SlideShare to start a meeting!
# There is no limit to meeting size. You can meet with one person or 5000 of your best friends!
# You can invite people to a Zipcast by giving them the meeting room URL via IM, email, Facebook, or Twitter.
# A public Zipcast can go viral – you can share chats can be shared on Twitter or Facebook, which will cause other people to join in.
# Activity from all public Zipcasts gets aggregated into an activitiy feed here – keep a watch for interesting upcoming Zipcasts.