Groupon was phenomenal and made the news several times in the last quarter of 2010. Groupon rejected Google’s $6 Billion offer to acquire them in the same year. After that news a lot of startup hopefuls have started their own ‘Groupons’ in their cities. Groupon has expanded into other cities outside the US and have acquired a couple of group discount sites as well. Groupon the two-year-old Chicago start-up is one of the fastest-growing companies now.

There are hundreds of sites like Groupon all over the web in many countries, and the number keeps increasing every day. They are mostly clones but the service they offer are unique to the cities they serve. Others even existed before the launch of Groupon.

I beleive a search engine that would allow users to search all group discounts in major cities no matter where they are would be very useful. Getting deals online shows no sign of slowing down.

The explosion of daily deal sites leaves a lot of opportunities for consumers to save, but it can also be challenging to navigate through the dozens of local sites to see if one has a better offer than the other.

Already there is – aggregator for indian group buying portals, for Canada. YipIt aggregates deals for New Yorkers. DealGator and CakeDeals offer similar services. Facebook introduced Facebook deals this year. And Google and Yahoo have joined the deals’ train.

The market will expand and explode soon. It’s about time somebody built a global search engine to handle all the global explosion of deals from all corners.

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