Greplin, launched in September 2010, is a personal web search engine that indexes information stored in online services. The site officially opened to the public on Feb 16th and it is introducing what it calls “the search bar for your life.”

With one single query you could find anything in Gmail, Twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Apps, Google Voice, Google Reader, Google Contacts, Yammer, Evernote, Basecamp,, Salesforce, Dropbox… and many more.

Search results on Greplin are shown before you hit enter, much like Google’s instant search product, and you can also filter by a variety of message types and sources.

Greplin is free but charges users a $5 per month to search a user’s professional accounts such as or Yammer, and $20 a month charge for users that have lots of data online.

Users must grant Greplin access to search their Facebook, Twitter and other accounts, but the company in many cases relies on a system that prevents it from seeing usernames and passwords.

Greplin has raised a $4 million venture round from Sequoia Capital so far . Sequoia partner Greg McAdoo has also joined Greplin’s board of directors. Googler Peter Chane also participated in the round.