New York startup Dubset has launched a new internet radio curated by the best DJs in the world. Dubset is a streaming only Radio site. The company intends to create a place where music lovers can listen and discover music from the world’s top DJs.

The company is working with the music industries preeminent authorities on providing a free, safe and legal environment to listen to DJ music.

Dubset hopes to introduce new features that will support DJs, Artists, Record Labels, and Copyright holders by driving record sales and paying royalties.

Dubset developed a music fingerprinting technology called MIXScan to identify the multiple songs in a mix. With MIXScan, Dubset can accurately report to music licensing companies to pay royalties.

The site is now in Beta. You can report bugs, any ideas for better features, or DJs that you would like to see on Dubset.

Available on the appstore


  1. Does Dubset have any arrangements with SoundExchange, ASCAP, BMI or SESAC? I am having a hard time finding any evidence to back up their claim of paying Royalties. I hope it is true, as what they describe sounds great for artists.

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