LAUNCH Conference is currently taken place in San Francisco Design Center Concourse. It started yesterday, Wednesday, February 23, 2011 and will end today Thursday, February 24, 2011. The following steller startups are taken part in the LAUNCH PAD ( Demo Pit) at the conference. These are new companies that have never had any press, public demos and whose services are currently in closed alpha or beta.

# Ad Avenger plans to connect advertisers and agencies to the right ad network or publisher
# Addroid is a web-based ad authoring environment that provides users a way to build video ads
# AtrackApp -Manage your customers’ appointments with ease.
# Searchbackyard -serves users with relevant & valuable information about deals in their area.
# Belgrave Trust is an online retailer offering authentic green choices for a design conscious clientele.
# Beyond Credentials offers grads with a 3.0 or above GPA from top universities to create online resume pitch pages
# Beyond Gaming is an online portal that exists to offer gamers new ways to enjoy their gaming experience.
# is the only web-based platform to help non-techies control how they look online.
# BuzzBeacon-STEALTH
# Chogger lets you create, read and share web comics.
# Clvr Tv is launching an interactive video player to help Marketing Managers
monetize viral videos,
# Cohuman is the social network for your tasks: a coordination solution, not a collaboration solution.
# Convore – communicate with groups in real-time.
# Crocodoc takes your PDFs, Doc and PPT files, and lets you view and mark them up online.
# Daily Path challenges developers to build and launch an app within one month.
# Deed Or Greed is a social cash-back shopping.
# Drund is a cloud-based operating system
# echoecho is an easy way to ask and answer the question, “Where are you?”
# eEvent honors your guests as ambassadors to share, recommend and invite others to your events.
# Explorence-STEALTH
# EyeOnJewels helps consumers connect with the jewelry and watch markets globally.
# FaceCash allows you access funds you’ve deposited to your account through a personal bar code
# Featurestage’s is building a universally accessible community and engage it in pursuit of common good
# FIT Radio streams high energy, DJ engineered music specifically designed to enhance a workout.
# Flightdeck- Build applications with a single click!
# Fluidinfo -allows users and applications to work with information without constraint.
# FullScreenPhotos lets anyone create and share stunning full screen photo
# Gamers Portal makes it simple for gamers and teams to interact, share and meet in real life.
# GeoSkipper- plug-and-play tool that allows any website to geo-target its content to visitors from different cities
# Give2Gether makes social activism available to ordinary Joes.
# GreenGoose is fun game platform for doing things in the real world.
# Groundcrew coordinates on-the-ground action with teams.
# GuideMe is a web app that helps you ask for, receive, and organize trusted restaurant recommendations.
# Hashable helps you capture moments and track your strongest relationships
# lets you experience a day-in-the-life of a successful expert in the profession you always dreamed of joining.
# iJourney is a place to share the journey of your life with text, videos and photos.
# ImaginaryFeet STEALTH
# helps you find people asking questions about things you have answers to.
# offers online merchants a widget to share coupon codes directly on their site.
# LawPivot allows lawyers to market their legal services by sharing expert advice and participating in discussions.
# Meetingburner STEALTH
# MobDis– platform for designers and marketers to create interactive mobile ads
# Mosoapp allows one button production and editing of videos
# Mougg allows you to store all your music in the cloud
# Mypersonalshopper -STEALTH
# MyTradeZone is a business-to-business social networking and
lead generation site.
# NabeWise lets you search for information about neighborhoods near you.
# # NandiMobile – providing SMS-based customer support solutions for the developing world.
News360 provides mobile users with a real-time, personalized news experience that is locally and socially relevant to them.
# Nudgemail lets you stay on top of important emails with reminders
# OnCompare helps customers find the perfect online services
# OutsourcingThingsDone allows start-ups to scale their human capital on demand.
# is a super fast way to publish content online.
# PressOK Entertainment allows game developers and publishers to increase end user engagement and revenue
# RetailTower – providing solutions for online retailers to more effectively price and manage their inventory across comparison engines.
# Rezora is multi-tiered email marketing for large sales and marketing organizations
# Rhino Accounting is a free online accounting software for small businesses.
# Shoefitr takes the guesswork out of buying shoes online.
# SocMetrics helps businesses get more users and sales by building strong word of mouth with the key influencers in their space
# Spork is a hyper-local platform that enables granular local search, social gifting, and deals.
# Streemio – providing a music-related mobile solution for the developing world
# Swerve delivers a simple and engaging experience via smartphone that makes event discovery and sharing easy and fun.
# SyncPad is a whiteboard for remote and local collaboration.
# TaleSpring allows authors and storytellers to create animated,
interactive books
# TaskUs provides cost-cutting and reliable offshore labor solutions to business.
# helps you quickly and easily give the right gift, at the right time.
# Thumbtack combines the purchasing power of the web with the information of a search directory.
# TingoFamily allows you to always know where the kids are
# TangoSource is a software development company specializing in Ruby on Rails, remote bootstrapping, and app incubation.
# TopDish is your personal dining concierge.
# Tour Wrist is an online and mobile marketing platform.
# Trademarkia– visual search engine
# connects you directly with a hand-picked trusted local in your trip destination
# Tulaco STEALTH
# Twimbow-web-based Twitter client with a focus on filtering
# ubiCabs is a brand new way to find taxi services online
# ViralageSTEALTH
# WhoSent.It delivers sender insights with every e-mail you get
# Windsoc provides a media-rich social client built on a Unified Social API.
# yourgroups is a private group network
# YourVersion is “Pandora for your real-time content,”
# Zazu is a mobile app that verbally wakes you up to information such as weather, your calendar, email and news.