The LAUNCH Conference offered steller technology companies the opportunity to demo their products to a panel of judges, investors, entrepreneurs, the press, influential bloggers and the audience. The event took place in San Francisco from 23rd to 24th of February 2011. Steller startups were given the opportunity to take part in the LAUNCH PAD ( Demo Pit).

What was expected of a demo pit participant at the conference included demo of a product, pitch, which should include the problem you’re addressing, your solution, why it is elegant, why your solution is better than the competition and what you need (financing, engineers, etc.) . Swag like t-shirts with company logo, business cards, pens, etc also helps.

Nandi Mobile, a MEST incubator company won the best business product with its Gripeline product.

Nandi Mobile– provides SMS-based customer support solutions for the developing world. The company focuses on delivering technologies that enable businesses to leverage the high mobile penetration in Africa to provide better customer relationships. NandiMobile’s enterprise solutions include Gripeline and Infoline.

Gripeline is a customer service solution offering companies a way to be able to engage their customers effectively via their mobile phones.

Infoline enables businesses to providerelevant information that can be accessed by SMS through mobile devices.

Top 13 winners of the LAUNCH Conference 2011


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