DEMO is a conference for innovative technology companies announcing new products or launching for the first time. Each company is given just six minutes on the DEMO stage to truly demonstrate how their product will change the world. No PowerPoint or flashy corporate presentations allowed.

The DEMO Spring 2011 conference in Palm Desert, CA, has officially begun. The event started yesterday Feb. 27th and will end on March 1st. Representatives from more than 60 companies — many of which are launching their products officially at DEMO. More than 25 companies are either launching or unveiling a new product at the conference

Participating startups include:

Zugara engages online shoppers with dress-up visualization
Workface, provides an online service that helps companies interact with their customers with text- and video-chat services
Embria delivers ‘big brother’ view for corporate IT
FaceCake offers Jetson-like future of fashion
GageIn looks to redefine how businesses collect data
DataRoket grabs your data from anywhere
SocialEyes wants to make video social networking a reality
Primadesk backs up your life to the cloud
PhotoRocket makes photo sharing easy
NeuroSky can teach you with mind games
FlyRuby Online private flight booking company
EcoATM makes recycling cell phones for cash easy and instant
AboutOne creates a digital hub to organize families

Full list of DEMO launches