Tyfone , a mobile financial services solutions provider, announced today the Tyfone iPhone sleeve, powered by Dexim. The Tyfone iPhone sleeve, designed and produced by Dexim, uses Tyfone’s SideTap™ MicroSD technology to allow existing iPhone users worldwide to make mobile contactless payments directly from their phones.

Tyfone’s contactless payments use near field communications (NFC) technology.Tyfone’s contactless payments solutions put control of the electronic wallet in the hands of the consumer, remaining neutral between financial institutions, mobile operators and retailers.

“Financial institutions and retailers alike are turning to mobile technologies for the next wave of commerce evolution,” said Carol Grunberg, vice president of marketing at Tyfone. “Tyfone’s technology is built for the widest possible audience, and lets consumers add contactless payment technology to their existing mobile phones. Tyfone’s SideTap can work in hundreds of millions of phones with memory card slots already in the market today. The Tyfone iPhone sleeve lets people who are using the iPhone have the same contactless capabilities as people using Android, BlackBerry and other smartphones.”


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