Enterproid Divide enables professionals to consolidate work and personal life onto a single device without compromises. It’s downloadable for any Android phone running 2.2 (froyo) or up.

Enterproid allows you to create an independent business profile on your Android phone so you can enjoy all the benefits of the Android platform while still having a fully managed and secure environment for business.

And Divide technology lets you switch instantly from one profile to another with the touch of a button.


#Enterproid provides you with a full-featured set of native-Android office applications out of the box.
#Check mail in a threaded conversation view and perform searches both on the device and on your mail server.
#Keep your Tasks, Contacts and Calendar fully synced both over 3G and on WiFi.
#Enterproid gives you access to a full set of remote management capabilities for your device without requiring you to install any desktop or server software.
#Full on-flash encryption safeguards your data and unlike with the native Email, Contacts and Calendar applications

The app is currently in beta, you can sign up for the beta here