Take your iPhone photography to the next level with any of these photography apps. Of course the default iPhone camera has always been the first option, but give one of these a try to witness the difference. You can also shot all your pictures with the default camera, but some of these apps will allow you to manipulate your images later for later uploads to your social accounts.

ClearCamThis app takes four pictures in fairly rapid succession and then picks the clearest one to save to your pictures.

SneakyPix– This app makes your phone look like it’s making a call but is secretly snapping shots every few seconds.

TiltShiftGen-The iPhone tends to take pictures that are in focus in all areas. With this app you can create a sense of visual focus.

Filterstorm, an image manipulation app that tweaks your iPhone’s photos and provides a range of easy-access picture improvements.

Instagram is for taking pictures, adding filters to make them look retro, and then for sharing them with sites like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr etc.

Camera+ is a camera replacement app that offers a variety of effects and features that the default camera and Photos app do not offer.

The Hipstamatic App seeks to recreate the magic started in the 80’s with ‘the little plastic camera with the golden shutter.

PhotoShop Express allows you to do basics like crop, straighten, rotate, flip, saturate, contrast, tint, change exposure, focus, add effects and borders.

Pudding Camera. Lots of features, interesting like film types, camera/shot types. And easy exposure compensation.

Retro Camera app adds instant nostalgia to your phone pics with four camera filters that give the effect of old timey photography.

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