At TED yesterday March 2nd 2011, Bubbli founders presented the first demo of its augmented reality application, which creates navigable photos.

Bubbli a new startup that’s currently in stealth enables you to take a picture with your phone camera that shows not just what’s directly in front of you, but also what’s all around, above and below you. Then, other people can navigate the view of the world captured by that “bubble” by holding their own phones in front of them. When their phone is moved up or down or left or right, they see what you would have seen in that same direction.

TED continues through Friday, and session videos will be posted online in the coming weeks

Bubbli, which is funded by August Capital, describes its goal as to “build the matrix by defining a new medium to express the physical world around us.”

Bubbli is still in beta.

Image courtesy All things Digital


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