To evaluate the true value of a stock, one needs patience and hard work. In order to know the yardstick by which a stock measures, what’s required is a detailed research and analysis of the company’s financial prospects.

The motivation behind stockezy is to harness the collective wisdom of all individual investors and build a community of people, who can help one another invest better. was founded in 2008 and is India’s first social investing and networking site geared towards individual investors. Created to mimic other on-line “Social Networks,” provides a forum for investors to share their investment ideas in a user-friendly, networking community.

The purpose of stockezy is to let you build a network of trusted friends and family who can help you create personalized investment strategies, analyze stock picks, improve portfolio performance, and most importantly make more money. enables investors to rate and research stocks, shares ideas, ask questions and manage their own portfolios. Its main philosophy is that education is power and investors that are better informed invest better.

Dorsey Wright & Associates (DWA), an independent and privately owned registered investment advisory firm based in Richmond, VA, has purchased 19% of in a press release published today.