SeedStart Media 2011, a summer program for the most innovative startup companies in digital content, e-commerce, ad infrastructure and mobile technology has begun accepting applications.

NYC SeedStart Media is a 12-week summer program designed to give seed funding to technology companies to build a product and launch their company. SeedStart is interested in companies focusing on advertising infrastructure, e-commerce, digital content, and mobile technology.

The program will give up to 10 companies $20,000, office space, and time in exchange for (5%) equity . At the end of the 12 weeks, SeedStart features an investor day where companies will have the opportunity to present to seed and early stage investors as well as potential partners and customers.

Companies will work with a network of mentors, professionals and experienced technology entrepreneurs. Venture Capital Partners include Contour Venture Partners, Comcast Interactive Capital/Genecast Ventures, NYC Seed, Polaris Venture Partners, RRE Ventures.

Apply now , application period ends March 31 2011 and begins June 15.