PixelSite has launched a new technology that can track the viewing of emails, craigslist postings and even EBay in real time.

Marketers and business owners can track their response for emails, newsletters, craigslist postings and EBay listings in Google Analytics. Pixelsite helps business owners and professional marketers track how many times their emails are opened with the simple insertion of a tracking pixel. Also, because Pixelsite uses an embedded image instead of Java Script, it helps tracking data on mobile websites because mobile browsers don’t often run Java Script.

People using popular online classified and auction websites can now track how many times their listings are viewed by inserting a tracking pixel in the description of the item or the body of the listing. Instead of using page view counters that shares the page count with the competition, the free Pixelsite technology allows for valuable tracking data that’s insightful, secure and accurate.

Pixelsite is currently in BETA and is offering the service for free.