A lot developers have taken the opportunity Facebook offers and have built impressive, engaging games. Social games on platforms like Facebook should be engaging, entertaining and should lead to the discovery of new friendships and relationships. Thousands of apps are now available on Facebook and only a handful see regular repeat customers.

These social games have recorded thousands of regular players and most importantly they have been acquired.

# Playfish was acquired by EA for $300M
# fluff Friends has been acquired by SGN
# Esgut has also been taken over by SGN
# Playdom has acquired Trippert Labs and Green Patch
# YoVille has been acquired by Zynga
# Serious Business (makers of Friends for Sale) acquired by Zynga
# Challenge Games has been acquired by Zynga for an estimated $20.5 M.
# Mytopia was sold to 888 for up to $48 M
# Playdom acquired Hive7 for an undisclosed amount