Angry Birds does not cease to amaze and expand, the game has already recorded 75m downloads and it is yet to hit the biggest platform for social games. Rovio and his team have grown the company to huge franchise. The game is set to fly to Facebook where you belong later this year.

The version for Facebook features “completely new aspects to it that just haven’t been experienced in any other platform,” according to Rovio head Mikael Hed. He also confirmed that due to the social site’s ‘collaborative nature’, “the pigs will have a more prominent role”.

The studio is launching Angry Birds Rio in a matter of days, which is a tie-in with a Fox movie and swaps the villainous pigs for monkeys seen in the film.

“We’re building an integrated entertainment franchise where merchandising, games, movies, TV, cartoons and comics all come together,” said Vesterbacka.

The firm also says it will probably launch its next game – it’s 53rd – next year. In the meantime “we are building our infrastructure with Angry Birds,” said Vesterbacka. “So we have the distribution, the marketing, everything in place, so that we can basically take any IP and drop it in. And we have the capability of producing the games on all the platforms – smartphone, consoles, PCs, Mac, online, Facebook – you name it. Then the TV, the movie side, it will happen when the time is right.”