The first developer release of Mozilla’s Web Application project has been released. Web Apps are applications that run on any device, and can be distributed through any store or directly by the developer.

The first build includes a spec to describe a web application, a set of new browser APIs that includes the ability for a website to “install” itself in a browser, and documentation on how to build what Mozilla calls a free or paid “directory of applications”.

Developers can use this release to publish their application to users, or to create a Web App store or directory. Users can review a gallery of user experience ideas and beta-quality versions of Firefox and Chrome add-ons that integrate the Web App experience more tightly with the browser.

In the coming weeks, Mozilla plans to pursue several new ideas, including:

* A deeply integrated “in browser” experience that spans the entire find, install, launch, use and manage flow.
* Syncing your Web Apps to your mobile devices.
* Supporting native browser controls and OS integration.
* Support for widgets and notifications to make your Web Apps more lively.
* and many more.