Foursquare as of now can tell everyone what you’re currently doing, but there’s no mechanism yet for planning something to do or for getting a recommendation for something to do. Ditto aims to fill that space.

Ditto is an iPhone app in the location space that goes beyond the check-in.
Looking to hang out? Find out what your friends are up to, have a conversation or get a group together. Ditto makes it easy to get recommendations about restaurants, movies and things to do. See what your friends are doing, when they’re looking for a friend to join them for coffee, what movie they’re going to see, and what their evening plans are.

Ditto was founded by Google’s Ex-Head of Social and the former founder of Jaiku, Jyri Engestrom.

In explaining how it works, Engestrom said “The same basic use case applies equally to a broad range of social objects, including Netflix movies, books, music, etc. — all now consumable on the device! We’ll be adding new activities dynamically to the app over the next months,”

Engestrom says. ”Discovery is going social, social is going mobile, and nailing it is a huge, Google-sized opportunity that could replace traditional search on the phone. Ditto’s beauty is in that it naturally captures you at the moment when you make a decision, and combines algorithmic results with real time recs from your social graph,” he continues.


  1. The picture of the article seems quite unclear and doesn't make much sense – what is the real functionality of the app?

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