Foxframe, the Irish self-service video ad creation start-up, has won the Bolton Trust’s Docklands Innovation Park Enterprise Award for 2011. Foxframe will be launching a revolutionary new video creation tool in the first quarter of 2011. Foxframe is currently in private beta.

How Foxframe works
# Choose from thousands of video, audio and photographic assets to create your video. Foxframe will sort out the sourcing, licensing and technical criteria for you; all you have to do is choose what’s right for your business.
# Bring your chosen pieces together in the Foxframe online editor to create videos in minutes. Purchase the finished result fully licensed for exactly how you want to use it.
# Download or publish your licensed video. Host in the cloud, on your website, or upload to any of our channel partners to unlock the real power of Foxframe for your business or brand.

Foxframe started life on the Endeavour programme in Co. Kerry, and are set to go live with a freemium version of their self-service video ad creation service later this month. Along with the Enterprise Award, Foxframe also collected a cheque for €10,000.


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