Tired of running complex SQL queries or emailing Excel spreadsheets around? Chart.io quickly hooks up to your database and lets you create real time charts of the metrics you care about. Chart.io is Google Analytics for your Database.

David Beyer, co-founder and CEO, said, “Every company has information in a database. Chart.io is a way to access and track it. It’s especially geared for non-technical users.”

# Know your core metrics
# Aggregate all your data
# Create your own charts
# Chart.io lets you keep a real-time pulse of your business. Follow your data, anytime
# Say goodbye to sQL queries
# Chart.io lets you easily share your real-time dashboards with everyone on your team

Chart.io was founded in June, 2010 to give small and medium businesses access to the power of enterprise analytics tools. Chart.io was part of the Summer 2010 batch of Y Combinator.