Facebook has done a lot redesign lately. Page redesign and Profile redesign have mostly been accepted, but some Facebook users do not appreciate the new Facebook Photo Viewer. I particularly do not like the way it displays. I think Facebook can do better than the current photo viewer. These extension can help you get rid of the new photo viewer in Facebook.

1. Facebook Lightbox Killer : A super simple extension which is available for both Chrome and Firefox. Just download it and it will easily disable the photo viewer (theatre, lightbox) in Facebook.

2. Revert Facebook Photo Viewer : Only available for a Chrome users at this time. There are no settings or icons, just install it and it will run silently in the background. After installing the extension, refresh the Facebook page and it will do it task efficiently. According to the developer of the extension, it will not read, transmit or store any of your Facebook data.

3. Better Facebook : It is a free extension for almost every popular browser like Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. It has more than 75 options that will allow you to make your Facebook experience better and in those option one will allow you to disable Photo viewer in Facebook. Check this article by Better Facebook blog here on how to install and disable photo viewer using this extension.


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