Shadow Cities is a new location based MMORPG for iPhone. Neighborhoods and familiar streets are part of the game world that is visible to you through your iPhone.

Step in. Take the role of a modern mage, learn magic and see your surroundings with new eyes.Hunt Shadow Spirits and use spells and strategy to battle for the control of your city with other players.

The gameplay works as you wander around, hunting down spirits to build your mage experience and unlock spells. You can do this actively or by leaving catcher units in an area, which automatically catch spirits for you.

Both elements are powered by mana, which is the game’s basic energy. You get a certain amount of mana regularly over time, or buy it using real cash.

Controlling an area occurs as you install dominators to claim the energy gateways that are scattered over the city. The team with the most dominators on each gateway control it, and collect its energy. This has to be harvested manually. You can attack (and heal) dominators too – again using mana.

In addition, each realm can be claimed by an individual mage, who becomes its Shadow Lord, if they use enough mana to buy it, or outbid its current owner.

Available at the appstore