’s latest spinoff is a location-based conversation app . The emphasis is on questions and answers, with users able to tap into local knowledge when finding themselves somewhere unfamiliar.

Ask Around lets you view, join and share the real-time conversations happening nearby. Have a question about your immediate surroundings? Interested in what people are talking about across town? Fire up the Ask Around app and you’ll be instantly connected with conversation near or far – it’s that simple.

With Ask Around, you can control how big or little you want the conversation to be across yards, blocks or miles. There’s no need to sign up for a new service or create a profile — just login using your Facebook ID and you’re all set.

# See what’s being said nearby: Tune in to live conversations as they unfold feet, yards or miles from you – or start one yourself.
# …or far away: Are you in San Francisco but are dying to know what Ask Around users are saying in Austin, LA or New York? Pick a spot on the interactive map and find out.
# Save spots you care about: Taking off soon? Save your location – be it a bar, classroom, hotel lobby or street corner – and watch the conversation continue, even after you’ve moved on.
# Get timely local advice – Need to find the restaurant with the shortest wait? Dying to find the closest Starbucks? Share and receive advice from people who are right there with you.