Heyzap’s Android App allows you to check in and discover new mobile games with your friends. The app also includes a tips tab that provides a feed of tips from your friends and the entire Heyzap network for the different games in its database. Others can then comment on these tips and start a more detailed discussion. The app delivers badges as rewards for activity on the app.

Use Heyzap to find and discover new games for your phone. Check-in to your favorite games, see what your friends are playing, share gaming tips and unlock badges the more you play.

*Discover fun new games to play
*See what your friends are playing
*Share tips on games
*Unlock gaming badges and more

Heyzap’s software development kit, allows any Android game to integrate checkins and broadcasts to Facebook and Twitter from their games. About 20 games have already integrated with Heyzap, including the popular Bubble Buster and X Construction.


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