LaunchRock intends to builds viral launch pages for your startup. The service was launched out of Philadelphia’s Startup Weekend.

LaunchRock makes it simple to get interested users signed up for your startup service or product, pre-launch. LaunchRock;s features includes an embeddable widget and an API so that you can integrate the service into your current sign-up process.

The App makes it easy for users to share the link to your launch page to friends.It also rewards those users who are most eager – based on the number of friends they invite – by bumping them up the list of those slated to get access to your site.

How it works
It’s actually fairly simple: after you sign up, you are provided a custom, unique short URL that you are encouraged to share out via email, social networks, etc. When somebody visits that URL and signs up, they can track it back to you and give you credit for it. After 3 people sign up with your link, you make the “priority access list” and you are alerted via email.