1. Demonstrate to you and your team that your idea is implementable
  2. Once you start burning cash, and until you reach profitability, time is your enemy
  3. Successful companies understand marketing is not just promotion and advertising. Industry leaders focus first on the marketplace and identifying market problems that exist and can be solved with technology.
  4. A great developer will do research, will select the right tools, libraries, and frameworks, and will find the fastest way to get the new parts of the application done.
  5. Even if you don’t have a lawyer, find ways to prepare articles of incorporation, corporate bylaws, board minutes, shareholder agreement, stock option plan, and employment agreement.
  6. If you don’t have scaling problems, you’re not growing fast enough.
  7. People will tell you they know more than you do. If that’s really the case, you shouldn’t be doing your startup.
  8. Lead through experience and competence, not through title or position
  9. You will have at least one catastrophe every three months
  10. To Run a Startup, You Must Stay in High Learn Mode
  11. People will think your idea sucks. They’re even probably right. The only way to prove them wrong is to succeed
  12. Network to build investor relationships before you ask for money
  13. Building a product that is perfect for everyone is impossible! Your two choices are: Build a product that is tolerable for everyone and Build a product that is perfect for a subset, and then let others come around
  14. Customer service first. Take care of the people who give you money. Everything else grows from here
  15. Maintain your HEALTH, SANITY, and FRIENDSHIPS

What is the commandment that has guided you to your success today?