Frenzy is a Dropbox powered social network that allows you to share links, files and messages with your friends.

Frenzy uses Dropbox to store your feed items and keep everything in sync.You don’t need another account and there’s no other server involved.

Dropbox lets you share your folders with others by creating a new shared folder or sharing an existing one. Once you add other members to the folder, it will appear in your friends or colleagues own Dropbox just as it does in yours. Any changes made to the shared folder’s contents will appear instantaneously to everyone who is a member of the folder.

How you can share things with Frenzy?
To share files or folders, select them in the Finder/iPhoto/iTunes and then hit the shortcut (Ctrl+Option+S is the default). Sharing a URL works the same way, goto a site in your web browser and hit the shortcut. Firefox, Safari, OmniWeb, Opera, Camino, NetNewsWire and Chrome are all supported.

Frenzy is currently in Beta