A new social media application CrowdSauce, allows users to ask for a discount from any business. The app combines Foursquare type check-in requests with group buying style offers to deliver relevant deals to members.

How it works
# With the location aware iPhone app the user can view nearby businesses.
# Once they select a business they view details on the business and can press ‘Reward Me’ to request a deal from that business.
# CrowdSauce then lets users share the request with friends via Facebook, Twitter and email in a virtual Flash Mob to build the crowd of people who would like a deal from that business.
# As the number of people requesting a deal for each business grows, CrowdSauce uses the power of the CrowdSauce army to secure deals from that business and send great savings direct to you.

CrowdSauce founder and CEO Slade Sherman says that the app is designed to give people deals from the businesses they like, rather than the deal-of-the-day approach of blasting a single deal to a large database. “Deal-of-the-day sites send you a deal they want to sell you, our approach is to source deals for you based on what YOU want” says Sherman.

Available at the appstore