, Inc. today announced the launch of the Amazon Appstore for Android at Customers can now find, discover – test! – and buy Android apps using the Amazon shopping experience. An innovative new feature called “Test Drive” will enable customers to test apps on a simulated Android phone. Customers control the app through their computer using a mouse.

The Amazon Appstore will include popular Amazon features like personalized recommendations, customer reviews, and 1-Click payment options. There will also be detailed product descriptions, including screenshots and video content that shows apps in action.

In order to ensure customers have the best possible experience with the apps they purchase, all apps are Amazon-tested before they’re made available in the Amazon Appstore.

In the suit, filed in a Californian court, Apple says it has contacted Amazon three times over its use of the term and not received a “substantive response.”

Apple is seeking damages from Amazon and a ruling that prevents the company using App Store. Apple has already won approval to have ‘App store’ registered as a trademark in the US, the lawsuit says.