Google has introduced a new group messaging mobile and web app: Disco. The service utilizes the domain that Google bought at Domainfest last year for $255K.

The app is made by Slide, the storied social apps property which Google acquired in August for $182 million. Slide was founded by PayPal co-founder Max Levchin. The company makes widgets that help people express themselves.

Disco website, provides a simple, streamlined way to send text messages to your groups from the web. And new messages appear in real time. You can also manage your groups from here, create new groups, and edit your profile. The site also works with the Google Voice Chrome extension if you have it installed.Contenders in this space include: Fast Society, Beluga and GroupMe.

Features of Disco

# Create groups, add friends & find bliss in the convenience of Disco! There are so many reasons to download this free app, here are just a few –
# Coordinate weekend get-togethers
# Organize after school practices
# Sync-up on details for a surprise party
# Plan where to go for dinner
# Send directions to a local event
# Whether you are on-the-go or hanging out at home, it’s time to get instant feedback from groups of your pals without the hassle!