Sulia is a realtime media company focused on filtering Twitter into compelling, high-quality content Channels from just the best experts.

How it works
Sulia creates Channels by continuously analyzing tens of millions of Twitter Lists to determine the best-regarded sources at any moment in time. The company then uses a combination of machine learning and human supervision to filter out all off-topic, spammy, and profane content from these sources. The result is high-quality realtime Channels that are always on-topic, readable, and relevant.

Sulia currently has Channels on over 1,000 evergreen topics, and creates Channels everyday on timely events and breaking news. Sulia makes it Channels available to media companies. Channels are featured on leading sites and apps such as FlipBoard,, Gannett properties and Everyday Health.

“Publishers want to include smart real-time content on their sites,” says Sulia CEO Jonathan Glick. “The great thing about Sulia Channels is that partners not only get the best tweets from the best sources, but our customization services allow each partner to modify each Channel so that it reflects their unique editorial voice.”