Without trust most of your marketing efforts will not give you’re the kind of results you expect. Once you are online it is very crucial to gain trust if you intend to build a great company and benefit from the internet. Your website can be a great step in the process of gaining the kind of trust you need as a business. The following simple suggestions have helped many and I hope you find them useful in your journey to win and maintain trust.

  1. Attach a blog and get serious about adding posts on a consistent basis. Get experts to share their knowledge with the public about your industry
  2. An attractive and professional design. Hire a pro if you need to
  3. Clear and simple navigation. It should meet the needs of your prospective customers not your employees
  4. Engaging informative content. This includes graphics, videos, social media links. You can also create an engaging social community.
  5. Regularly add new content to your site. It shows that the business is alive and kicking
  6. Publish case studies about customers you have helped, who use your product, etc
  7. Publish informative whitepapers on your industry and how prospective clients can benefit from products like yours.
  8. Give potential clients a way to contact individuals who gave you testimonials, so they know they are genuine.
  9. Write and publish your privacy policy

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