Sekai Camera allows you to make the whole world a playground with Augmented Reality gaming, and communicate with other users using Air Tags – messages that float on the spot!

Sekai Camera is realized though a combination of technologies, including client-side software deployed on iPhone, Android and other OS platforms, and also highly scalable web computing systems.

In addition, Sekai Camera integrates with services provided by mobile carriers, existing data/service providers, and location technology companies, which combined, enable this dynamic location-based information retrieval service.

It uses the GPS and compas in the iPhone 3GS to determine where the phone is and in which location the phone is pointing in. Using Sekai Camera, you can play various apps, including games and twitter clients.

Sekai Camera for iPhone is recommended for use on iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. The app can be downloaded on iPhone 3G, but users will not be able to fully experience and appreciate the app because iPhone 3G lacks various features, including a compass and advanced processing power.