Businesses can use social media tools to help them increase their monthly or yearly business leads, bring more traffic to their website, target the right audience, and promote special sales and discounts. They can also use these tools to compete with similar businesses that offer similar services. As many of these tools increase in popularity, more and more tools are being developed that help businesses communicate with their clients in new and more efficient ways. Here are some of the more popular tools that businesses use.

Social Networking Accounts. Since everyone else is on sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, businesses have also created accounts to help promote their products and services and market themselves to millions of people. Businesses use Twitter, which is a form of micro blogging, to inform the public of new services, current sales, and featured discounts that customers can use. Facebook can be used in a similar way as well for mass messaging, direct communication with clients and customers, and receiving instant feedback.

Facebook Advertisements. Facebook ads are usually located on the right side of the website and are targeted to a very specific audience. Businesses can create an account with Facebook to create and set up these ads. During this process, they have the option to make specifications about who to target their ads to. This form of advertising is designed to optimize the overall number of potential leads for a business. If a business targets their ads to everyone, then they have less of a chance of targeting people who will actually be interested in their business. However, if they target their ads to people who have more of a potential to invest in the company, they will acquire more clients.

Blogs and V-logs. Businesses create blog posts for their website in order to interact with their viewers on a more personal level. Each blog post has a feature that allows web users to leave comments for the business and for other viewers who read the blog. The business receives feedback this way without having to give out customer surveys and waiting for the results. This is a much quicker way to receive this feedback and is great for introducing new products or evaluating overall customer satisfaction.

IP Telephony . Social media tools are also important for communication between employees in the business. Many businesses use enterprise ip telephony to increase flexibility and productivity among their employees by allowing them to communicate over the Internet. Employees can use any device or operating system to interact with each other verbally through this secure and effective voice communication technology.

The popularity of social media tools as a business practice is growing every day. Since so many people now use the Internet to find the products and services they are looking for, a business must market themselves online. Just creating a website and hoping people will land on it is not enough to compete with other businesses. Using these tools helps bring businesses to the top of their game and bring in a higher profit.

Guest post written by Sally. Sally is an elementary school teacher in the Chicago area.  She enjoys blogging and traveling and is currently awaiting the arrival of her first child.

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  1. I totally agree. As a small (online) business owner Fbook and Twitter are the best way to stay connected with my customers. Its not like they come into my store since I just have a website, so these social media profiles are the only way I get to know who my customer is. A VERY valuable tool! @cheapsally on twitter and cheapsally on facebook!

  2. facebook is a social net work site…we can use facebook for communication purpose not for business….

  3. Exceptionally entertaining thanks, It looks like your current readers could possibly want significantly more posts like this continue the great content.

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