Wantlet, which already has a strong presence in Europe, is a socially facilitated commerce ( Social Commerce ) service that addresses the needs of both consumers and retailers. It solves the problem of having to go to multiple sites to research products and deals, providing advice from users and advertisers, both locally and around the world.

# Wantlet is a service for you to connect to other people by wanting things.
# You can start using Wantlet for free by logging in with your Facebook account.
# Wantlet helps you get what you want.
# When you list Wants to your profile, you’ll get great insights on what you really want from your friends, other people who are wanting the same and from businesses that may have a great deal for you.
# You can also be the hero of the day by helping your friends to find what they are looking for by commenting on their wants.
# Lists of your wants can be shared with your friends or family, helping you to remember what to shop for by using Wantlet on your mobile.

Consumers use Wantlet to manage their self-expressed “wants” for products and services, finding deals, coupons, and sales for services or products they “want.” Retailers and brands use Wantlet to create specific, targeted advertising for consumers that already want their products and services.