The Startup Kids is a soon to be released documentary about young entrepreneurs in the US and Europe.

The project was started by two highly motivated Icelandic girls who like to travel and meet new people. The Startup Kids project was the second project they worked on together. Sesselja Vilhjalmsdottir and Vala Halldorsdottir ran a board game production company, Heilaspuni, and a social media and online marketing consulting company, Matador Media.

Their aim is to open up young peoples’ eyes for the opportunity to become an entrepreneur and motivate them to start their own businesses.

Some of the interviews are with the founders of Vimeo, Soundcloud, PlayFish, WordPress, Posterous and many others who talk about how they started their company and their lives as an entrepreneur.

The video below is a trailer for the documentary. They are now working on premiering the film in Spring 2011.

The Startup Kids Trailer from The Startup Kids on Vimeo.

They are raising additional funding on Kickstarter to finish post-production as well as promoting and premiering the film. They have reached their Kickstarter goal but please consider pledging so they can make the film even better.

You can pledge your support by backing them on Kickstarter so they can finish the film.